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Bonnie Crellin

Structural Therapy

Release  Recover Relax

New York, NY Millford, PA
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"When you touch one thing

with deep awareness,

you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 

Bonnie Crellin is a health an wellness provider who applies both professional expertise and the intention to bring consciousness into the body along with functional movement to elevate the relationship among all aspects of her patients' bodies and lives.

Rolfing: Bonnie is a certified Rolfer from The Guild of Structural

Integration. She has been in practice in New York City for

over 20 years, and she is an instructor in Structural Integration

at the Swedish Institute of Massage. She has studied Oriental

Medicine in Sri Lanka.

Massage Therapy: She holds a New York State Massage

Therapy License. She treats clients recovering from injuries or stress, or who simply want to feel better overall.

Pilates: She is a certified Pilates instructor, teaching group fitness and private classes. She is an instructor at New York's Chelsea Piers and Equinox gyms.

Bonnie lives with her dog Clara in Milford, PA and the West Village in New York City.  She is dedicated to helping people achieve health, healing, and overall body  awareness. She loves movement, teaching, and working with a variety of people from all walks of life.

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Achieve your body's optimal movement and function through therapeutic soft tissue manipulation and movement education for strength, flexibility, and healing.


Leverage the power of therapeutic massage to help your body relax and realign to it's most natural and healthful structure. Select from deep tissue, sports therapy, or relaxation sessions.


Improve flexibility, increase strength, and develop endurance through controlled exercise movements with Pilates mat or reformer sessions. Group and private sessions available

Discuss your overall health challenges and goals and create a plan of activities to bring your body and spirit to the levels you would like to achieve to live your best life.


New York, NY & Millford, PA

Tel: (212) 691-1956‬

Email: BonnieCrellin (@)

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